Anno 1404 stone deposit for stonemason hut

anno 1404 stone deposit for stonemason hut

From Gunter: "This 'campaign installer' seems to have been developed by Sir Henry just for the installation of commercial deposit slips those 'Thirsty Fish' scenarios as new campaigns of the German version.
Competitors: 1, already settled.
But always make sure that your people still smile." Zomby Woof,"ng Charlie: "The calculation period is 1 minute: - Pioneers: Demand: nothing (except food of course).
When it begins to grow 50 of your plantings will grow, find a pattern among the healthy plants and you should find a pattern that will produce at least 60 when harvested." From Manfred: "I got away once with planting spice on a northern island.
If the competitor lands his troops on one of my islands I immediately drop some trees between those soldiers and my buildings and right behind them I build a watchtower." Robitoby writes: "Red declares war on me once I reach 600 inhabitants.Buildings are not so essential for development, except school and tavern in the beginning.It needs what I call a 'deer breeder' (a tree that 'produces' deer) and enough space for the deer to wander around." Jumpster comments: "I use hunting lodges religiously.The maximum score possible is 10,000.

Anno 1602 was first released as a German title in 1997.
B Tobacco 50, Vines 50, Sugarcane 100, Stone.
Colony "Martytown" (H on map - - Buildings: Warehouse IV, 8x Market place, Chapel, Church, Public baths, Theatre, 2x Tavern, 2x School, Doctor, 3x Fire department, Gallows, Fisher's hut, 4x cattle farm, 2x Butcher, 2x Quarry, 3x Stonemason, Deep iron mine, Ore smelter,.
150 Citizens Church, Gold mine.
Go for their nest.Industry Max Population Fisher's Hut 63 Hunter's Hut 168 Weaver 283 Sheep Combine 283 Butcher 202 Cattle Combine 193 Tobacco Production 355 Tobacco Combine 337 Spice Plantation 248 Winery 167 Rum Destillery 363 Rum Combine 334 Bakery 252 Grain Combine 252 Cocoa Plantation 248 Weaving.Or the scenario is set up so that the AI will declare war on you if you reach a certain level (for example, aristocrats) and/or the AI sinks below a certain level.Dat file; otherwise you could have problems viewing the played scenarios.".4 Can I save more than 12 games?Change the key 'cdrom_DIR' from E to F or whatever drive is required." The US version can be run without the CD - one simply loses music and videos.Additional Scenarios: Atoll, Delusions of Grandeur, Exile, Fireland, Pirates!, The Continent, The search for gold, Three are two too many, To each his own.".18.2 New Horizons: Halfway There: How do I get started?Butcher's Shop - 2 tons of Beef 1 ton of Food.The editor has accepted your input." A "Scenario Goal Editor" is available which allows goals to be set and checked without using special codes.You can even conquer one or both of the ones that don't go beyond the 'settler' stage, because the one that you are helping might want the islands that they have.

A wide selection can be found here: t/cheats/pc/english/1602a.d./.
With just 50t tools you won't ever reach 120 settlers, don't matter how hard you try.".
The headman will curse you, but that does not make a difference to the gold." Sir Henry explains the game design logic behind Iron being exhuastible and Gold generally being inexhuastible: "Iron ore is only needed as long as you build.