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South Australia's container deposit scheme sees an overall return rate.
Ministers have visited deposit return schemes in several north European nations.
Costly implementation, costly to jumbo lotto koerspetje consumers, costly to small business.
This challenge does not just apply to beverage containers but to all other litter presently discarded outside the home when people are on the.
Wales, for example, has a much higher recycling rate than England.Recycling levels, beverage bottles recycled at high levels through kerbside collection.The Defra-commissioned research said that although "the general assumption appears to be that receiving a monetary or other reward will encourage consumers to deposit containers at a collection point instead of littering there was little data to support this.The drinks industry has installed machines in shops that take in used bottles and cans and give back a coupon to return the deposit.Environment Secretary Michael Gove said there was no doubt that plastic was "wreaking havoc" on the marine environment and discarded plastic bottles and cans "end up dumped on pavements and lobbed into rivers, lakes and the sea".The British Plastics Federation estimates it could cost 1bn to set up a scheme in the UK, and another 1bn a year in running costs.Similar deposit-return systems operate in a number of countries including Sweden, Germany, Finland and parts of the United States.The investment required in redemption points to bring in a deposit or reverse vending system would be significant and with no guarantee of ensuring higher recycling levels than at present and at the same time have the potential of undermining the viability of existing kerbside. Deposit systems will not materially increase recycling of beverage containers in the.

In some areas, bottles or cans are taken back to the shop they were bought from, while in others a network of automated collection points known as "reverse vending machines" have been installed.
Currently plastics producers pay just 10 of the cost of recycling packaging.
German study published four years after its deposit scheme was introduced found no evidence of litter reduction.
The operation of the German deposit scheme costs three times as much per container as household-based collection.Can we save our oceans from plastic?Related: How our throwaway culture is turning poker spartan the sea into a graveyard.There is not a compelling case that deposits (even with high rates of financial deposit) will increase recycling rates.Councils will also be anxious to ensure that kerbside collecting is not undercut when details are confirmed."We need to see a change in attitudes and behaviour.The recycling of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles in the UK has improved from 3 in 2001.