Term deposit interest rates kotak mahindra bank

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A Fixed Deposit (FD) or Term Deposit is one of the most popular financial saving instruments among investors as it provides a higher rate of interest than a regular savings account.
Kotak Mahindra Bank Fixed Deposit Rates.Is there any minimum amount that I have to give for opening a Fixed Deposit with Kotak Mahindra Bank?Tenure should be greater than or equal to 3 months and less than or equal to 10 years.Using the tenure, principal amount, and interest rates on FDs in Kotak Mahindra Bank, customers can calculate their maturity value.

The documentation generally required is as follows: Proof of identity: PAN card / Voter ID Card / Passport / Driving license (any one) Passport-size photographs Address proof, casino roosendaal vacatures Signature proof and Age proof.
1 crore Rate of Interest (.a.).e.f July 6, 2018 Tenure Interest rate for general public Interest rate for senior citizen 7 - 14 days.50.
In a fixed deposit account, money is deposited for a specific time, which varies from 7 days to ten years.25 cr and above (As on Jul 27, 2017).Interest rate for senior citizens ( per annum) 46 days to 179 days.25.75 180 days to 210 days.35.85 211 days to less than 1 year.4.9 1 year to less than 2 year.7.2 2 years to less than.708 INR, rate of Interest.25.For Domestic Deposits -.For Domestic Deposits - Less than.The Bank also allows sweep-in facility.Earn more on your investment, find out how much you can earn through our Fixed Deposits, identifying the maturity amount and interest earned on your deposit.Kotak Mahindra Bank Deposit Rates, the rate of interest paid on a fixed deposit varies according to the amount deposited, period and the issuing bank / nbfc.Kotak Mahindra Fixed Deposit Rate - FD Rate in India.

By linking the FD(one or more) to a savings account, this provision allows the customers to enjoy liquidity and overdraft facility.
The money deposited earns a fixed rate of interest throughout the entire FD period (except for certain kinds of floating rate deposits).