To depose translation

Deponer to cease from strife exp.
Government had been able to depose.
Ante quién podrías deponer tus armas?
Depusieron al rey después de que se determinara que estaba loco.
You continue to seek the annulment of laws that make for the good of the commonwealth and you still wish to depose the King.See how deponer is translated from Spanish to English with more examples in context Advertising.Additional comments: 'deponer' found in translations in English-Spanish dictionary to give evidence exp.Perdonar al emperador, o deponer y arrestarlo pero tome una decisión.Show all the citizens of Meereen that you are better than those who would depose you.National Law Journal, synonyms Antonyms, more Example Sentences.Tanner's going to depose me, then we'll see what we see.You think I wanted to depose you like that?I call a council to depose Pope Alexander.Learn More about depose.She's suing David Miscavige and asking to depose him.Han llamado a dos personas más a declarar en el caso.

How about this: don't file yet, let me depose him, get his story, and then we'll see if we can make it go away.
Depose (law: testify) declarar ( formal ) deponer, two more people have been called to depose in the wrongful termination case.
Le dijimos original stake7 casino merkur slots que no a deponer.
1) depose (vt 2) make a deposition (vi).We've been trying to depose you for 14 months now.Deponer las armas, formal to lay down one's arms exp.If Jamie finds out about this, she will depose you.Convocaré a un Concilio para deponer al Papa Alexander.So we can depose him.A vt 1 (dejar) armas to lay down actitud to change no conseguirás que deponga su actitud you won't be able to persuade him to change his attitude 2 (quitar) rey to depose gobernante to oust, overthrow ministro to remove from office.Depose di-pz, d- deposed; deposing transitive verb 1 : to remove from a throne or other high position plotting to depose the king a deposed military leader 2 : to put down : deposit deposing the sacrament in a carved recess Francis Berry 3 Middle.